Isao Takahata: Lupin III Part 1

The Chicago White Sox continue to be an extremely sad baseball organization, and if Chris Getz trades Robert and Crochet, it is an admission that everything Reinsdorf said about the Getz hire was a lie. Which we all knew already, but you know.

This episode, Kory (@taiikumenco) leads Chris (@gokuffy) and Chris (@antoniuspius) through the master thief, Lupin III. Specifically Lupin III Part 1, which Isao Takahata and his buddy Hayao Miyazaki worked on.

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Show notes:

0:30 – We talk about what we’ve been watching

  • Kory: My Effin’ Life, Dune
  • Chris: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, In a Violent Nature, I Saw the TV Glow
  • Chris: Ripley

33:51 – Our history with Lupin III, and a history of Lupin III

1:14:23 – We talk about Lupin III Part 1

Next time is Panda! Go Panda!

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