The Taiiku Podcast is a monthly sports manga, sports anime, and Love Live podcast. Hosted by Kory with various guests.

Manga In Your Ears is an every three weeks podcast, talking about one completed and one currently running manga. Hosted by Kory, Helen, and Apryll.

Taiiku Movies is a monthly podcast where we watch through one director’s movies one (ish) at a time. Hosted by Kory, Chris, and Chris.

Meet our hosts on the Hosts page.


  • Taiiku Podcast logo by Basil. Find him on Twitter @itsbasiltime. Listen to his podcast, the OSMCast.
  • Manga In Your Ears logo by Alcina. Find them on Twitter @kaitou_al. Find their graphics work at The OASG.
  • Entire website built and supported by Camellia. Find her on Twitter @wildpomme.

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