Top 10 Movies of 2023

The Chicago Bears have a choice to make coming up to the draft: Draft Caleb Williams number one overall and trade Justin Fields or trade that pick away and keep Justin Fields. I don’t know what’s going to happen and I am, as always, terrified for the implications to the franchise either way.

It’s the Top Movies of 2023 Taiiku Movies special! Kory (@taiikumenco), Chris (@gokuffy), and Chris (@antoniuspius) count down our favorite movies from the previous calendar year, just in time for Oscars season.


Show notes:

0:36 – Number 10s

18:21 – Number nines

53:17 – Number eights

1:20:23 – Number sevens

1:40:32 – Number sixes

2:06:15 – Number fives

2:36:52 – Number fours

2:58:52 – Number threes

3:34:28 – We read off your lists

3:46:40 – Number twos

4:33:38 – Number ones

5:08:00 – Also rans

Next time is back to Jean-Pierre Melville, John Carpenter, and Bong Joonho.

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