Top Anime of 2023

Iowa State legends Brock Purdy and David Montgomery are in the NFC Championship game against each other, and I am here for this.

Anyway. Chris (@gokuffy) and Helen (@wanderindreamr) join me (@taiikumenco) to talk through our favorite anime of 2023, including also rans and some manga talk.

Join the unofficial Taiiku Podcast discord, the OSMCast discord. Used with permission.


Show notes:

0:30 – Number fives

24:47 – Number fours

29:47-33:35 – Oshi no Ko episode 1 spoilers

50:27 – Number threes

1:18:49 – Number twos

1:44:29 – Number ones

2:12:48 – Also rans

Next time is I dunno!

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