Hikaru no Go and Skip and Loafer

This entire MLB offseason is just a constant feeling of low grade dread that Shohei Ohtani will sign somewhere I don’t want to root for, and that’s just my entire life since the Texas Rangers, the only Major League Baseball team without a pride night, won the World Series.

This episode, we’re talking about Yumi Hotta (story), Takeshi Obata (art), and Yukari Umezawa (5 Dan) (Go supervisor) Hikaru no Go published by Viz and Misaki Takamatsu’s Skip and Loafer published by Seven Seas.

Hikaru no Go credits:

  • Translation & English adaptation: Andy Nakatani (volume 1-12), Naoko Amemiya (volume 13-23)
  • English script consultant: Janice Kim (3 Dan) (volume 2-23)
  • Touch-up art & lettering: Adam Symons (volume 1-7), Inori Fukuda Trant (volume 8-23)
  • Lettering assistants: Josh Simpson, Walden Wong (volume 1)
  • Additional touch up: Josh Simpson (volume 5-11), Walden Wong (volume 5), Rachel Lightfoot (volume 11-15)
  • Cover & graphics design: Sean Lee (volume 1)
  • Cover & layout design: Sean Lee (volume 2)
  • Cover design: Sean Lee (volume 3)
  • Interior graphics: Courtney Utt (volume 3)
  • Cover & interior design: Courtney Utt (volume 4-5, 10-11)
  • Design: Courtney Utt (volume 6-9), Julie Behn (volume 14-22)
  • Cover design: Courtney Utt (volume 12-13), Julie Behn (volume 23)
  • Interior design: Aaron Cruse (volume 12), Julie Behn (volume 13), Ronnie Casson (volume 23)
  • Editor: Livia Ching (volume 1-5), Yuki Takagaki (volume 4-12), Annette Roman (volume 10-15), Gary Leach (volume 16-23)

Skip and Loafer credits:

  • Translation: Nicole Frasik
  • Adaptation: T. Campbell
  • Lettering: Vanessa Satone
  • Cover & logo design: Hanase Qi (volume 1-3), H. Qi (volume 4-7)
  • Proofreader: Kurestin Armada (volume 1-5, 7), B. Lillian Martin (volume 3-4, 6)
  • Copy editor: B. Lillian Martin (volume 5)
  • Editor: Shanti Whitesides (volume 1-3)
  • Senior editor: Shanti Whitesides (volume 4-7)
  • Production designer: Christa Miesner (volume 4-6), Brennan Thome (volume 7)
  • Prepress technician: Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein (volume 1-2, 5), Melanie Ujimori (volume 3-4, 6-7), Jules Valera (volume 6-7)
  • Print manager: Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein (volume 3-6)
  • Production associate: Christa Miesner (volume 1-3)
  • Production manager: Lissa Pattillo
  • Managing editor: Julie Davis (volume 1-3)
  • Editor-in-chief: Julie Davis (volume 4-7)
  • Associate publisher: Adam Arnold
  • Publisher: Jason DeAngelis

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Show notes:

0:58 – We talk about Hikaru no Go

16:27 – Hikaru no Go spoilers

23:03 – We talk about Skip and Loafer

Next time is our favorite manga of 2023.

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