John Carpenter: Halloween

From Chris: I got my Ryan Gosling “You are Kenough” shirt in the mail and I love it. Wearing it out in the world, the women love it and dude’s act weird around me. This movie is too powerful.

This episode, Chris (@gokuffy) leads Chris (@antoniuspius) and Kory (@taiikumenco) on a special (read: coincidental) 13th episode special with John Carpenter’s Halloween.

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Show notes:

1:14 – Kory: Mission Impossible I-III

12:23 – Chris: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Women’s World Cup, the currently 63-41 Baltimore Orioles

16:11 – Chris: Yellowjackets season two, Miracle Workers, Barbie

28:06 – Halloween

98:00 – Holy shit I talked for so long about so much slasher shit and it’s finally over. Pod as long as the movie itself.

Next time is OCTOBER HALLOWEEN SPECIALS (but the next John Carpenter is Elvis, if you’re curious).

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