Jean-Pierre Melville: Deux hommes dans Manhattan

The Baltimore Orioles are an extremely fun team to watch, and they should trade the White Sox for Lucas Giolito and Dylan Cease and be even better imo.

This episode, Chris (@antoniuspious) gathers Chris (@gokuffy) and Kory (@taiikumenco) yet again to talk about the beauty of French cinema, but this time in the U.S.! It is Jean-Pierre Melville’s ode to New York and Manhattan, Deux hommes dans Manhattan (Two Men in Manhattan).

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Show notes:

0:37 – We talk about what we’ve been watching

  • Chris: Yellowjackets, Midnight Club, Haunting of Bly Manner
  • Kory: Polite Society, We Are Ladyparts
  • Chris: Tears of the Kingdom

20:34 – We talk about Two Men in Manhattan

Next time is Leon Morin, Priest

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