Chelsea should score more goals and allow, well, ideally score a reasonable amount of goals and reasonably allow at or around the same amount of goals, but really allow fewer goals. I dunno, it’s been a weird team to follow so far.

This episode, special guest Grant joins me to talk about Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto published by Viz.

There are some audio issues in this one; we weren’t actually talking over each other, but the way I edited it accidentally caused this to happen. I dunno where, but the latter half is especially weird. It’s still largely listenable. Apologies for the error.

Naruto credits (from volume one):

  • English adaptation: Jo Duffy
  • Translation: Katy Bridges
  • Touch-Up Art & Lettering: Heidi Szykowny
  • Cover Design: Sean Lee
  • Senior Editor: Jason Thompson
  • Managing Editor: Annette Roman
  • Associate Managing Editor: Albert Totten
  • Editor in Chief: Hyoe Narita
  • Director of Licensing and Acquisitions: Rika Inouye
  • V.P. of Marketing: Liza Coppola
  • V.P of Strategic Development: Yumi Hoashi
  • Publisher: Seiji Horibuchi

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Show notes:

0:50 – Grant and I talk about Naruto

1:17:41 – We take your questions about Naruto

Next time is really Is Love The Answer? and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō.

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