Inside Mari

Chelsea just spent like £1b on a lot of players to make like an amalgam of a team that doesn’t know how to all play and meld together, but hopefully it’ll work?

This episode, special guests Basil (@itsbasiltime) and Ruby (@PassionTentacle) join me to talk about Shuzo Oshimi’s Inside Mari published by Denpa.

Inside Mari credits:

  • Translator: Sheldon Drzka
  • Proofreading: Ed Chavez (volumes 1-7), Emily Martha Sorensen, Patrick Sutton (volumes 8-9)
  • Production: Nicole Dochych, Eduardo Manuel Chávez

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Listen to Chris, Patz, and I talk about other Shuzo Oshimi manga. Listen to Chris, Ink, and Jared talk about Flowers of Evil.

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Show notes:

0:54 – Basil, Ruby, and I talk about Inside Mari, spoiler free

20:26 – Inside Mari spoilers

Next time is actually The Girl from the Other Side and Magilumiere Co. Ltd.

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