Embrace Your Size and Akane-banashi

These are good to watch, on Damar Hamlin, who I mentioned in the panpanya episode’s opening notes: (debatable) with Pablo Torre and Domonique Foxworth, Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny with Domonique Foxworth, Garrett Bush on Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show.

This episode, we’re talking about hara’s Embrace Your Size: My Own Body Positivity published by Yen Press and Yuki Suenaga (story) and Takamasa Moue’s (art) Akane-banashi published by Viz.

Embrace Your Size credits:

  • Translation: Athena and Aletha Nibley
  • Lettering: Chiho Christie

Akane-banashi credits:

  • Translation: Stephen Paul
  • Lettering: Snir Aharon

The song you heard in this episode was “Like a Girl” by Lizzo.

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Show notes:

0:50 – We talk about Embrace Your Size

16:58 – We talk about Akane-banashi

Next time is The Girl from the Other Side and Magilumiere Co. Ltd.

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