An Invitation from a Crab and Guyabano Holiday

Sports takes on a lot less meaning when stuff like what happened to Damar Hamlin happens. How many times has something similar happened on high school fields? D-II schools? And no one ever heard about it. Prayers to Damar Hamlin; hoping for the best.

This episode, Helen and Apryll are not with me, but Ink and Patz are and they are talking about two panpanya manga from Denpa, An Invitation from a Crab and Guyabano Holiday.

An Invitation from a Crab credits:

  • Translator: Ko Ransom
  • Production: Nicole Dochych

Guyabano Holiday credits:

  • Translator: Ko Ransom
  • Proofreading: Patrick Sutton
  • Production: Nicole Dochych, Brandon Bovia

The song you heard in the episode is “People are Strange” by The Doors.

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Ink’s audio is a little weird, I assume due to like 90+ percent of my RAM being used for no reason while we were recording. Apologies.


Show notes:

1:12 – We talk about An Invitation from a Crab

29:03 – We talk about Guyabano Holiday

Next time is actually Embrace Your Size and Akane-banashi.

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