Top Manga of 2022

This episode, we’re just counting down our three favorite manga that we read in 2022. Like previous years, it’s just manga that we read; not necessarily manga that came out in 2022.

No credits from the manga this time around because we talked about nine different manga, and that’s just a lot. Apologies for my own laziness.

The song you heard in this episode was “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters.

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Read Helen’s review of some of the manga we talked about today at the links: The Girl from the Other Side, A Sign of Affection

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Show notes:

0:47 – Number threes

13:17 – Number twos

26:20 – Number ones

40:14 – Also rans

46:46 – Worst manga

Next time is Embrace Your Size and Akane-banashi.

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