Little Miss P and Blue Period

There are now two NWSL teams withing reasonable distance of me, and I’ve shamefully seen neither of them just yet. Hoping to correct that next month. Also I wish the sponsor on the Angel City shirts was not DoorDash because fuck those companies.

This episode, we’re talking about Ken Koyama’s Little Miss P published by Yen Press and Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s Blue Period published by Kodansha.

Little Miss P credits:

  • Translation: Taylor Engel
  • Lettering: Abigail Blackman

Blue Period credits:

  • Translation: Ajani Oloye
  • Lettering: Lys Blakeslee
  • Editing: Haruko Hashimoto
  • Kodansha Comics edition cover design by Matthew Akuginow

The song you heard in the episode was “EVERBLUE” by Omoinotake from the Blue Period anime.

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Read Helen’s review of volumes 1 and 2 of Blue Period over at The OASG.

Here’s a couple articles from The Athletic that I was talking about on the podcast:

As I said on the podcast, The Athletic does require a subscription. But they typically run pretty good deals if you seek them out.


Show notes:

1:48 – We talk about Little Miss P

15:28 – We talk about Blue Period

Next time, we’re talking about Go for It Nakamura Again and One Punch Man.

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