Lost Highway and RE-MAIN

Been watching a lot of mechanical keyboard related things, and bought one for my work setup (currently, I’m moving my existing mechanical keyboard, which is just some Razer one I bought, back and forth). So if you also like them, you know, teach me everything.

Anyway. This time, Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and I continue through David Lynch’s filmography with Lost Highway. Then Ink (@ink_just_ink), Basil (@itsbasiltime), and I talk about RE-MAIN, the water polo anime.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about Lost Highway

1:07:23 – Ink, Basil, and I talk about RE-MAIN

1:48:17 – Questions from you, the listeners

Next time is Straight Story and Backflip!!

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