Suki and Wave, Listen to Me!

The NCAA tournament is about to start, which means more pain for my alma mater Iowa State. I was all in on Hoiball, all in on the Holy Prohman Empire, and now I’m all in on whatever they’re calling T. J. Otzelberger’s Iowa State. Also the women’s team is doing way better, so I’ll probably be watching them more…

This episode, we’re talking about CLAMP’s Suki published by Viz (formerly Tokyopop) and Hiroaki Samura’s Wave, Listen to Me! published by Kodansha.

Suki credits:

  • Translator: Ray Yoshimoto
  • English adaptation: Carol Fox
  • Retouch and lettering: Fae Kuen (volume 1), Abelardo Bigting (volume 2-3)
  • Cover design: Christian Lownds
  • Graphic designer: Anna Kernbaum
  • Editor: Jake Forbes
  • Managing editor: Jill Freshney
  • Production coordinator: Antonio DePietro (volume 1)
  • Production managers: Jennifer Miller, Mutsumi Miyazaki
  • Art director: Matt Alford
  • Editorial director: Jeremy Ross (volume 1)
  • Digital imaging manager: Chris Buford (volume 2-3)
  • Pre-press manager: Antonio DePietro (volume 2-3)

Wave, Listen to Me! credits:

  • Translation: Adam Hirsch
  • Additional translation: Jiajing Sun
  • Lettering: Darren Smith
  • Additional lettering and layout: Michael Martin
  • Editing: Alexandra Swanson, Vanessa Tenazas

The songs you heard in this episode were “aranami” by tacica and “pride” by Harumi from the Wave, Listen to Me! anime.

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Read Helen’s review of volumes 1-3 and volumes 4-5 of Wave, Listen to Me! on The OASG.


Show notes:

0:50 – We talk about Suki

15:49 – We talk about Wave, Listen to Me!

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