Top Movies of 2021

Chelsea won a match while we recorded this, which is good. And the Clippers won after coming back from 30+ down. So I feel like this podcast is a good luck charm? Or these are extreme coincidences. But who knows with sports fandom.

Anyway. This time, we’re back talking about movies. But not David Lynch movies; our favorite movies of 2021. Joining me in this venture is Chris (@gokuffy) and Corey (@Modandrocker).

There are some issues with Corey’s audio here between connection issues and application issues. But hopefully it’s mostly ok ish.


Show notes:

0:45 – Number fives

24:25 – Number fours

51:57 – Number threes

1:14:41 – Number twos

1:21:31 – This after a lot of the trouble with Corey’s audio happened, and we switched recording platforms and Corey started podcasting from his phone. I put in an interlude.

1:32:01 – Number ones

1:54:13 – Also rans

2:08:11 – Worst ofs

Next time is back to David Lynch with Fire Walk with Me and Chihayafuru 3.

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