Top Anime of 2021

It is my opinion that MLB players should, on whole, be paid more and owners should be taxed more.

Anyway. This episode, it is our annual January episode, and we are counting down our top five favorite anime of the past year, in this case 2021. Joining me on this four hour tour is Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), Helen (@WanderinDreamr), and Patz (@PatzPrime).


Show notes:

0:30 – Number fives

45:41 – Number fours

1:08:13 – Chris rolls through his three to ones before we continue with fours

1:19:39 – Number fours resume

1:34:41 – Number threes

2:01:12 – Number twos

2:37:59 – Number ones

3:13:39 – Also rans

Next time is top movies of 2021. It’s back on the Taiiku Podcast after 2020 was over at 2D or Not 2D Podcast.

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