Cancelled manga

This episode, we’re just talking about cancelled manga. Since, here in the US, cancelled can include things like “Tokyopop lost the license to this” or “CMS just shut the heck down” alongside things like Jump series being cancelled actually, we cover a lot of ground.

Helen makes the correction that it should be Ayaha not Ayaka, with regards to Hell Warden Higuma. And it does get into some detail of how there are spirits running around on Earth.

Also there’s some random outside noise from me because my window was open. It’s fine.

The song you heard in this episode is “The Death of Queen Jane” by Oscar Isaac from Inside Llewyn Davis.

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Show notes:

0:59 – uhh I dunno, round one I guess?

19:18 – Round two!

32:26 – Quick fire bonus round that’s actually like half the podcast!

Next time is Astra Lost in Space and Komi Can’t Communicate!

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