Twin Peaks season two (episodes one through nine) and Cestvs: The Roman Fighter

The Chicago Sky have won the first of a five game series against the Connecticut Sun in a thrilling double OT game (and lost game two since I wrote this). The Chicago White Sox are going to the playoffs for the 12th(?) time in their 120 year history; for consecutive years for the first time ever. The Chicago Bears…sure are trying.

Anyway. This time, Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and I continue talking about Twin Peaks with season two, episodes one through nine, finishing up The Laura Palmer Mysteries. Then, Ink (@AnimatedInk) lives up to his Bad Sports Anime Correspondent title with me to talk about Cestvs: The Roman Fighter.


Show notes:

0:38 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about Twin Peaks, season two, episodes one through nine!

1:11:10 – Ink and I talk about Cestvs: The Roman Fighter!

1:27:25 – ODDTAXI!

Next time is the rest of season two of Twin Peaks and Burning Kabbadi!

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