We finished up our Akira Kurosawa series in November of 2020. After that, we took a short break over our usual December-February series of podcasts, then began anew with a different director. When we first set out on the journey through any single director, I (@taiikumenco) had picked Kurosawa since I had quite a few of his movies from the extensive Criterion library. In the end, we had to fill in a few gaps here and there with non-Criterion fare, but we made it through alright.

Next, Chris (@gokuffy) selected one of his favorite directors and one he’s watched through everything multiple times, David Lynch. Joining us, as always, in this journey was Chris (@antoniuspius). Having only seen the same two films between us (Blue Velvet and Mulholland Dr., unless memory serves incorrectly, which it often does) while Chris had seen his entire filmography provided a different and interesting view into the director and exploring his works.

We did a set of six David Lynch shorts prior to the Eraserhead episode, but I figured the first feature would be better representative of our thoughts on the man himself.

For the rest of our David Lynch podcasts, click that link.

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