Seven Little Sons of the Dragon and Witch’s Printing Office

We, as a country, do not deserve sports until this virus is under control. We, as a country, do not deserve sports until police stop killing people, especially Black people, under the guise of feeling threatened. Defund the police.

This episode, we’re talking about Ryoko Kui’s Seven Little Sons of the Dragon, and Mochinchi (story) and Yasuhiro Miyama’s (art) Witch’s Printing Office, both published by Yen Press!

The song you heard in the episode was “Cold War” by Janelle Monae.

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Read Helen‘s review on Witch’s Printing Office over at the OASG too.


Show notes:

0:39 – We talk about Seven Little Sons of the Dragon!

13:06 – We talk about Witch’s Printing Office!

Next time is Chobits and Heaven’s Design Team!

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