Ran and G Gundam

The White Sox need arms, but the White Sox have bats. Nothing will save MLB from itself, but while baseball is here, the White Sox are winning, and I am here for it.

Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and I are getting to the end of Kurosawa’s catalogue, as we talk about his last(?) samurai epic, Ran! Then, Chris, Vinnie (@VinnieAveAGC), and Jared (@JLayneNelson) join me to talk about the other samurai(?) epic, G Gundam! Ink (@AnimatedInk) was unable to join us due to scheduling conflicts that were probably my fault, and apologies to Ink for that. We missed your takes on G Gundam.


Show notes:

0:32 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about Ran!

1:00:12 – Chris, Jared, Vinnie, and I talk about G Gundam!

2:01:22 – G Gundam questions. Ready…Go!!

Next time is Dreams and YuYu Hakusho!

1 thought on “Ran and G Gundam

  1. That was a magnificently edited episode! How did you manage to cut me and my criticisms out so seamlessly? Ku-dos. Kudos.

    (But, really, excellent editing job, and a good as well as thoroughly enjoyable episode.)

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