Dersu Uzala and Cross Manage

I’ve been tweeting sparsely on my own account, and retweeting vigorously on my account, Taiiku’s account, and Manga In Your Ears’ account of the current events, but Black Lives Matter. I reserve this space for sports ramblings, but this is more important. I don’t know what reach we have here at my little podcast, but whatever we have, I will use for this. Please donate if you can, keep tweeting about everything, call your legislatures, protest, and vote.

This episode, Chris (@gokuffy) and I continue our journey through Kurosawa solo with Kurosawa’s only majority non-Japanese language film, Dersu Uzala! Then, Chris, Basil (@itsbasiltime), and I talk about Cross Manage, the lacrosse manga! For more Cross Manage content, check out our Manga In Your Ears episode on it.

Also Chris, @antoniuspius Chris, is not on this Kurosawa episode because Chris and I recorded this way back on December 10, 2017 back when we thought the Filmstruck was going down and we thought we’d never be able to watch Dersu Uzala otherwise. So we jumped on the recording, and by the time we got here in podcast time, the Criterion Channel exists, and you can watch it there.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris and I talk about Dersu Uzala!

46:07 – Chris, Basil, and I talk about Cross Manage!

1:17:57 – Questions!

Next time is Kagemusha and Kono Oto Tomare!

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