Top Movies of the 2010s

These random musings that I’m pretty sure no one reads are about to get way different, not that they already have. But since we’re all stuck inside, or should be stuck inside if not for your terrible Republican governor and/or our terrible Republican president, but I look really forward to the two dnd games I’m running now. That said, I’m also running out of ideas…

We’re back for my favorite episodes, and also greatest podcasting regret because there is just so much raw audio. Chris (@gokuffy) and Corey (@Modandrocker) join me to count down our favorite movies of the DECADE, of the 2010s. There were a lot of good movies in the 2010s, and we missed out on a lot of movies, and we regret this.

Here’s to a decade more of good movies.

Also Corey’s laptop is actually an owl, sorry for the background noise with that.

Some links! Here’s the piece by Jeff Yang explaining Crazy Rich Asians mahjong scene.


Show notes:

1:07 – Number 10s!

19:16 – Number nines!

34:01 – Number eights!

47:20 – Number sevens!

57:45 – Number sixes!

1:17:39 – Number fives!

1:36:33 – Number fours!

1:51:21 – Number threes!

2:05:32 – Number twos!

2:25:11 – Number ones!

2:46:19 – Also rans!

2:56:16 – Worst of the decade…?

Next time is Red Beard, Mifune: The Last Samurai, and Check Please!

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