Rose of Versailles and Cats of the Louvre

I, as my Manga In Your Ears co-hosts, have been working from home for the past few days in an attempt not to spread a pandemic. Sports has stopped in the US and Canada, so I can’t even talk about my newfound fandom of the Vancouver Canucks (not that I know anything about hockey still). On the plus side, the air quality in LA is GREAT. Ban cars.

This episode, we’re talking about Riyoko Ikeda’s Rose of Versailles published by Udon and Taiyo Matsumoto’s Cats of the Louvre published by Viz.

The songs you can hear in the episode are “Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru” and “Ai no Hikari to Kage,” both by Hiroko Suzuki from the Rose of Versailles anime.

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Also check out Helen’s reviews on Cats of the Louvre and Rose of Versailles. And this great piece by Jocelyne Allen on Cats of the Louvre, which is where I got all of the information I said on the podcast.


Show notes:

0:39 – We talk about Rose of Versailles!

14:47 – We talk about Cats of the Louvre!

Next time is Magi and Classmates!

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