Top Movies of 2019

Koreans have had a good 2020 so far! Setting aside the injury to Son Heung-min, they have taken over the local US awards show, I don’t remember the name of it. And, most importantly, the GOAT Younghoe Koo has been re-signed by the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s go, 2020, the year of Koreans.

We’re back for one of our favorite episodes of the year! Chris (@gokuffy) and Corey (@Modandrocker) join me to talk about our favorite movies of 2019, where yes Koreans dominated the entire list.

Here’s the link to Chris’s YouTube channel, Cups of Knight Films.

Also I got called out for typing while podcasting, look forward to it.


Show notes:

0:35 – Number fives!

28:03 – Number fours!

53:03 – Number threes!

1:24:54 – Number twos!

1:52:49 – Number ones!

2:12:27 – Also rans!

Next time is Top Anime of the DECADE.

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