The Lower Depths and Tsurune

We broke some walls in this episode, one of them may have been the fourth. I’ll leave it in, to Chris’s chagrin.

Speaking of Chris (@gokuffy), we’re still on the Kurosawa train with The Lower Depths. Then we talk about the not-so-recently ended Tsurune.

This should have been the May episode, and now I am also caught up (and behind) with Taiiku episodes, praise the sun.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris and I talk about The Lower Depths!

28:00 – We talk about Tsurune!

Next time is Cinderella Nine!

1 thought on “The Lower Depths and Tsurune

  1. Thanks, everyone. Sorry Helen couldn’t be present, but at least your discussion bumped this title to the top of my HIDIVE queue. “Low-key, character strong” sports show could have a place in my sports anime panel too. Loved the lesson behind the title as well as the general discussion. Cheers!

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