Twin Spica and Pez

The Women’s World Cup is going on, which is about the only time I am openly supportive of US sports, because the women’s national team is so good. And also the KFA blew it with some legitimate talent on their squad…

This episode, we’re talking about Kou Yaginuma’s Twin Spica published by Vertical and Hiroyuki Asada’s Pez published by Denpa.

The song you heard at the top of the episode is “Feel so Moon” by UNICORN from the Space Brother anime. What a twist!

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This should have been the 6/20 episode, and now I’m all caught up on Manga In Your Ears episodes (for now).


Show notes:

0:48 – We talk about Twin Spica!

21:32 – We talk about Pez!

Next time is My Brother’s Husband and Kase-san!

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