The Key to the Kingdom and Dead Dead Demon’s DeDeDeDe Destruction

I’m trying to get into soccer, so I’ve started to follow LAFC, the new club in LA. It just started, I just moved here. It’s like it was destiny. I am all in on Vela, I guess? Also if anyone wants to teach me about soccer on twitter, tweet me!

This episode, we’re talking about Kyoko Shitou’s The Key to the Kingdom published by CMX (RIP) and Inio Asano’s Dead Dead Demon’s DeDeDeDe Destruction published by Viz Media.

The song you heard at the top of the episode is “This House” by Japanese Breakfast. Not related to manga, but we were scrambling.

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Show notes:

0:49 – We talk about Key to the Kingdom!

17:27 – We talk about Dead Dead Demon’s DeDeDeDe Destruction!

Next time is just me and Apryll talking about Time Stranger Kyoko and Moteki!

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