Top Movies of 2017

Baseball is back! Pitchers and catchers have reported, Jake Odorizzi has moved from Tampa Bay to Minnesota, and Eric Hosmer has finally signed somewhere. Sorry San Diego.

This time is Chris’s favorite show of the year, the top movies show! This time, we’re covering, of course, our favorites from 2017. Unfortunately, no one talked about Lady Bird because both Camellia and I, at least, have kicked it off in favor of some other stuff. But I did want to just point out its great depiction of friendship and gay relationships and coming out that is somewhat subtle and just heartwarming in several scenes. Shout out to Lucas Hedges. He did so well.

Joining me on the panel are, of course, Chris (@gokuffy) and Camellia (@wildpomme). And our special guest is Corey (@Modandrocker).

Edit: I misspoke during the Coco section and confused John Ratzenberger with John Lasseter. I regret this error.


Show notes:

0:30 – Introductions and also rans!

10:11 – Number fives!

42:57 – Number fours!

1:09:03 – Number threes!

1:34:19 – Number twos!

2:06:43 – Number ones!

Next time, I might not even be on the episode?!?!?!

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