Phantom Thief Jeanne and Golden Kamuy

I just wrote one of these for the Taiiku Podcast three days ago, so I’m not really sure what to write this time. Today, I was able to eat dinner before recording this podcast, so I’m gonna count that as an accomplishment. It’s the little things!

This episode, we’re talking about Arina Tanemura’s Phantom Thief Jeanne and Satoru Noda’s Golden Kamuy both published by Viz Media.

That song you heard at the top of the episode was “Piece of Love” by Shazna from the Phantom Thief Jeanne anime.

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Show notes:

0:35 – We talk about Phantom Thief Jeanne!

16:39 – We talk about Golden Kamuy!

Next time is Planetes and The Promised Neverland!

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