Top Anime of 2017

Andrew McCutchen was traded to the Giants while I was editing this podcast, so that was the super exciting news for today. Perhaps the free agents will eventually sign as well… Also the Bears have assembled their (all white) major coaching staff, and they look great on paper besides the thing I just said. Hopefully they’ll at least win football games.

This time is just our top anime of 2017 show! It’s a bit shorter this time since we had a hard deadline of when we had to stop recording, and we were down one person when Ink had to drop. Plus we only did top three instead of top five given what was going to be a more packed show. Fear not for those who like Ink (@AnimatedInk), for he sent me a record of his top anime, which I threw at the beginning of the show. As for the rest of the panel, the whole crew was with me, Chris (@gokuffy) and Camellia (@wildpomme), and joining us where Ink’s other podcasting half in Jared (@savevsjared) and all-rounder Helen (@WanderinDreamr).

Read Ink’s top anime of 2017 writings over at Ani-Gamers.


Show notes:

0:47 – Ink sent in audio of his top anime, so this is where I put it!

10:06 – We start the show with honorable mentions and also-rans!

20:35 – Top Threes!

44:12 – Top twos!

1:14:32 – Top ones!

Next time is Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and Love Live! Sunshine!! season two!

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