Kitchen Princess and Delicious in Dungeon

It’s been in the negative 20s and 30s here recently, which is Very Cold. So we start the new year with the only way we know how, a cold that Helen and I both coincidentally got. Sorry for sounding nasal-y in this episode, but it’s just what happens when it’s Very Cold everywhere.

This episode, we’re talking about Miyuki Kobayashi and Natsumi Ando’s Kitchen Princess published by Kodansha (formerly by Del Rey) and Ryoko Kui’s Delicious in Dungeon published by Yen Press.

That song you heard at the top of the episode was “ギミチョコ!!” or “Gimme Chocolate!!” by BABYMETAL.

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Show notes:

0:39 – We talk about Kitchen Princess!

17:30 – We talk about Delicious in Dungeon!

Next time is Phantom Thief Jeanne and Golden Kamuy!

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