Top Anime of 2016

We’re back again with the end of the year podcasts! First up is the top five anime of 2016 list. Joining Chris (@gokuffy) and me this time are the Oldtaku no Radio (@OldtakuNoRadio) crew, Ink (@AnimatedInk) and Jared (@savevsjared)!


Show notes:

01:41 – Number fives! Had to pause in the middle of Chris’s number five because reasons. I threw in some of our out-of-show material and a musical interlude.

50:39 – Number fours!

1:18:14 – Number threes!

1:49:02 – Number twos!

2:27:59 – Number ones!

2:48:43 – Also rans and runners up!

Next time is…that’s a good question, me. Probably top five movies of 2016 with Camellia and Chris, but it might also be some recently ended sports anime. Who knows.

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