Chihayafuru Redux Part 1

It has been two years and change since I opened this podcast with the previously ill-recorded Chihayafuru episode and it’s time for a revisit to this series. This is one of my favorite series of all time and, though it seemingly eschews as a sports anime, it definitely follows the same types of formula. It counts! Unlike a lot of the other things we do.

Anyway! For this, I grabbed Chihayafuru fanatic Ink (@AnimatedInk) to talk up the first season. from Amazon.


Show notes:

0:31 – We start the show and talk about the new season!

17:09 – We talk about Chihayafuru!

1:14:26 – We take questions from you, our listeners!

Next time, it’s Chihayafuru Redux Part 2 with Chris and wrapping everything up with both of em!

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