Complex Age and Love Live Sunshine

Welcome back to the best damn sports anime podcast around! We’re not talking about sports anime or manga again, as is typical. First up, I have the best cosplayer I know enough to ask on my podcast in Helen (@WanderinDreamr) to talk about Complex Age. Then, we’ve got Chris (@gokuffy), Ruby (@PassionTentacle), and Kenny (@Minoru79) talking about the greatest anime of 2016: Love Live Sunshine! Sorry, Ruby’s audio is kind of sketchy at parts…I tried to edit out the worst parts and still make it cohesive, but I can only do so much.


Show notes:

0:32 – Helen and I talk about Complex Age!

20:37 – Chris, Ruby, Kenny, and I round out the episode with Love Live Sunshine!

Then we’re done! Next time, we have a special anniversary episode that’s only a month or so late!

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