Garden of Words and Love Live

This one’s been a long time coming…It was supposed to come after Cross Game, then I just didn’t get around to editing it. Then I decided that the top anime and movies lists should come first, so it just got pushed to the backburner. But never fear, Ink! Your suffering (ENJOYMENT!!) wasn’t for naught. I’m here to present everybody with the Taiiku Podcast’s greatest episode: Love Live School Idol Festival!

To convince Ink (@AnimatedInk) to join in on the fun, I had to throw in Garden of Words, which he did a beautiful write up of over at Ani-Gamers. But I don’t regret that! Joining us is almost-regular Chris (@gokuffy) as we have a little fun talking about Shinkai and Love Live.


Show notes:

0:14 – We start the show! It’s Garden of Words time!

Break time!

45:07 – We’re into Love Live talk! Much to Ink’s chagrin.

2:08:29 – I lied! There was more stuff I was supposed to edit in somewhere, but then I didn’t because I’m lazy. There’s a music buffer…

That’s it! Next time, the artist formerly known as cyborgpop, Kyle (@ANewtypeCentury), and Chris join me for top movies of 2015!

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