Top Anime of All Time

It’s been a year since I started this podcast and enlisted Camellia against her will to assist me. It’s been a year since the ill-recorded Chihayafuru episode (sorry about that…). A year since September 20, 2014. Ok, ok, I admit, it’s been more than a year but some stuff happened and we were delayed, alright!

I said this was episode 12, but it’s actually 13 because some of those reasons. Also because Kate (@narutakiRT) asked about the Taisho Baseball Girls podcast a few times and I started to feel bad.

Anyway, in this episode I wanted to do something special. I brought back the guests from the first episode – Kyle (@ANewtypeCentury) and Camellia (the artist formerly known as cyborgpop) – and we counted down our top 10 anime of all time.


Show notes:

0:30 – We introduce ourselves and declare ourselves a publicly traded company.

4:28 – Number tens!

39:24 – Number nines!

58:11 – Number eights!

1:13:35 – Number sevens! Wherein I interrupt Kyle. I also think Kyle might have said two number sevens. Oh well.

1:49:11 – Number sixes!

2:15:01 – Number fives!

2:43:31 – Number fours!

3:03:42 – Number threes!

3:22:23 – Number twos!

3:44:19 – Number ones!

Next time! Dawn (@bunnycartoon), Casey (@MinovskyArticle), and Heather (@CandyAppleCat) join me to talk Mitsuru Adachi’s Cross Game.

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