We’re here for the sports anime that’s not sports anime…wait, we did that already. Ok, we’re here for the tennis anime…wait, that’s not it either. I got it! We’re here for a special episode of the Taiiku Podcast where we’re talking about Clueless, the film from 1995 that is not at all sports or anime.

Joining me in this episode are Dawn (@bunnycartoon) from Anime Nostalgia, Chris (@gokuffy), and Dana (@Izandra). Clueless megafan Casey (@MinovskyArticle) regrets to inform us that he was unable to attend even though I had the episode so he could talk about Clueless!! Oh well…next time…


Show notes:

0:30 – Introductions and how we came across Clueless!

22:41 – We start talking about incest!

28:12 – We actually get into the movie!

38:43 – We (and by we I mean Dawn) begin to recap the movie, as I question why I make so many show notes! And useage of exclamation marks.

1:29:20 – We went on a little tangent about David Bowie…I ripped it out because it didn’t really fit, but now there’s no transition. Oh well!

Next real episode is Cross Game…or maybe something else. We’ll see!

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